Form Name Description
Away Retreat Permission Form Required for Away Retreat
Concert Attire Contract / Female Please hem dress one inch from the floor. Please make sure to hem the lining as well. Student will provide black closed toe shoes for concerts. Hair should be styled away from the face.
Concert Attire Contract / Male Please hem slacks one inch from the floor. Provide black dress shoes, black socks, black tuxedo bow tie and white shirt for concerts.
Contact Form Please fill out and return this form to your current band director so we can ensure you receive all the information about our programs.
Emergency Care Information This is the standard FCPS form
EpiPen Authorization  
Excused Absence Request Submitting this form is required if a student is going to miss a band event
Field Trip Driver's License and Vehicle Insurance Information Required when transporting students on field trips in personal or leased vehicles
Field Trip Luggage Search Form One form per trip is required
Inhaler Authorization  
Medication Authorization Required if medication, prescription or over-the-counter, is required during a band trip
Travel Release Required when a student will not use band/school provided transportation
VHSL Pre-Participation Exams (PPE) This is a link to the PPE SMAC Forms